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The Science 20/20 Project has partnered with families and teachers in many different ways. Below are some resources the project has co-created to engage with families in productive ways. See our article in NSTA's Science & Children journal (March/April 2021) to learn more about the different ways we engage with families.

Community Science Night Science Goody Bags

To provide science explorations to families and encourage participation in future community events, we have sent families home with Goody Bags filled with science investigations to try at home. Below are some of the activities we have included in our bags.

Family Science Kits: Mystery Science Theatre

Students and families sign up to receive a Mystery Science Kit that includes directions and materials for conducting a fun science activity, often with materials that can be found easily at home. Families complete the science experiment, and then record a video to share results, or attend a class with the student's teacher to share their learning. This is a fun way to get to know families and engage in learning together.

Grown Your Gummy Bears Experiment

Family Engagement Resources

Elephant Toothpaste Experiment
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