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About the Science 20/20 Team

Updated: Jul 27, 2020


About the Science 20/20 Team

Welcome to our second blog post! Now that you know a little bit about our project (add link to Post 1), we wanted to take a minute to introduce ourselves and shed some light on who we are as educators via a sort of brief mission statement. We are a group of inservice and preservice teacher educators (add link to website bio section here) associated with The Pennsylvania State University, who are dedicated to working with teachers and students to implement equitable and up-to-date science and language teaching practices that contribute to the academic success and socio-emotional well-being of emergent bilingual students and their families.

The teaching experiences of those on our professional development team vary across levels and content areas. One of the many uniting factors amongst our team members is our commitment to equitable schools and classrooms. Toward this goal, we are working to develop and implement anti-racist curriculum and pedagogies that speak to the linguistic, cultural, and racial diversity of the students with whom we work.

As a largely white, English-dominant team of educators, we realize that we are recognized in the schools where we work, as well as the history of schooling in the United States, in radically different ways than the children and youth that we advocate for. As such, we recognize that we have much work to do, as does much of our country’s citizenry. We are actively engaging and learning from experiences and histories of BIPOC, which are different than our own, as well as continually pushing ourselves to confront our own implicit and explicit biases, misunderstanding, and assumptions.”

We hope to develop and add resources in the near future to support other educators along their own journeys. If you would like to share resources that you believe are important and necessary, please do so that we may add them to the website.

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